S-Meter Calibrator

S-Meter Calibrator 1.09

This WiNRADiO S-meter Calibrator improves the S-meter accuracy of G313 series
1.09 (See all)

This WiNRADiO S-meter Calibrator is suited for an advanced user who seeks to improve the already excellent S-meter accuracy of G313 series WiNRADiO receivers by individual calibration.
Using this S-meter Calibrator, the signal level reading of the S-meter can be improved to approximately 0.5 dB accuracy.
The S-meter Calibrator makes it possible to create calibration tables for as many frequency points as required, and interpolate between these tables to arrive at absolute values in dBm, microvolts or S-units, for any arbitrary frequency the G313 receiver is tuned to.
The program requires the use of a synthesized signal generator to generate calibration levels in the frequency range of interest.

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